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designed by Aldo Novarese in 1959

Recta was born in 1959 from the pen of Aldo Novarese for the Nebiolo Fonderia of Turin and is considered one of the first contributions of the great Italian type designer to the massive wave of the European sans serif genre in full explosion in that half of the 20th century.

Initially published just a year after the release of the Swiss Neue Haas Grotesk and the French Univers, it rode the wave of enormous success of the "sans serif" genre, becoming the Italian Helvetica par excellence.

The softness of the line with an exquisitely "humanistic" touch in contrast with the clear forms typical of the grotesk genre are the distinctive characteristics of Recta, originally conceived in countless variations that were never created due to the unsustainable cost it would have entailed as a font for traditional printing.  ;

The Recta family

Recta Round

Recta Tonda Book

Recta Tonda Light

Recta Tonda Regular

Recta Tonda Medium

Recta Tonda Bold

Recta Tonda Extrabold

Recta Tonda Heavy

Recta Tonda Family Bundle

Recta Italic Round

Recta Italic Tonda Light

Recta Italic Tonda Book

Recta Italic Round Regular

Recta Italic Round Medium

Recta Italic Round Bold

Recta Italic Round Extrabold

Recta Italic Round Heavy

Recta Italic Tonda Family

Recta Condensed 

Recta Stretta Light

Recta Stretta Book

Recta Narrow Regular

Recta Narrow Medium

Recta Narrow Bold

Recta Narrow Heavy

Straight Straight Extrabold

Recta Stretta Family Bundle

Recta Condensed Italic 

Recta Italic Stretta Light

Recta Italic Stretta Book

Recta Italic Narrow Regular

Recta Italic Narrow Medium

Recta Italic Narrow Bold

Recta Italic Narrow Extrabold

Recta Italic Narrow Heavy

Recta Italic Stretta Full Family

Recta Compressed

Recta Strettissima Neretta

Recta Strettissima Medium

Recta Strettissima Regular

Recta Strettissima Extrabold

Recta Strettissima Nerissima

Recta Strettissima Full Family

Recta Compressed Italic

Recta Italic Strettissima Medium

Recta Italic Strettissima Black

Recta Italic Strettissima Full Family

Would you like to try Recta? 

Recta in the history of Italian Typography

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