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Font Reber Digitalization Project: POR FESR 2014/2020

Our company was founded in 1960 and has been a leader in the production and marketing of dry transfer products ever since.

We have gone through more than 60 years of Italian graphic history, always trying to offer our customers the best tools to express their creativity and for this reason over time we have invested heavily in research and modernization of our offer.

In 2020 with the adhesion to the call for support for the purchase of innovation services by SMEs financed by the Veneto Region in the context of development and innovation in the design and experimentation phases. we had the precious opportunity to start the digital conversion of our company, digitizing some of the alphabets designed for us by Aldo Novarese, one of the most acclaimed Italian type designers in the world.

To obtain this technological conversion of characters originally conceived for traditional printing, we have literally searched far and wide our archive in search of every original material that testifies the characteristics of each character: the history, the handmade designs and the original studies on them. We then entrusted to the Stefano Torregrossa's Onice Design Studio for the task of translating the first 5 alphabets of our paper catalog into fonts.

Since these are fonts belonging to our exclusive collection of Italian characters, and registered trademarks of our company, the aim of carrying out this technological transformation was of the utmost importance.

The digitization of the alphabets was very meticulous and lasted almost a year, also emotionally involving our working group, coordinated by Onice Design: the thrill of making alphabets of this importance digitally available for the first time in the international typographical panorama was unforgettable and gave us the strength to continue with enthusiasm the project of converting our graphic heritage into digital.

We are grateful to the Veneto Region for having given us the opportunity, thanks to the financing granted to us, to begin our technological conversion while maintaining the excellent quality standards that have always been our business goal, ensuring that our company confirms itself as one of the graphic containers of most enduring excellence of Italy.

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