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A Classic Nebiolo from 1910

Barnum is a little jewel from the classic Nebiolo font collection. Published for the first time in 1910, it is a font that shows in its exquisitely floral design all the grace of the "Belle Epoque" shapes. Its "narrow" character characteristic made it the leading font of many national and local Italian newspapers for a few decades of the 19th century, quickly making it a true Italian classic. With the passage of time and with the progressive search for san serif fonts with purely geometric shapes, its demand weakens, to the point of making it a "forgotten" font.

But his story is not destined to end under a layer of dust. This small and tenacious Italian masterpiece has the right shapes to find its space in our ultra-modern world: thanks to its digitalisation which took place starting from its lead drawing, it was possible to translate its unchanged and delicate beauty into the digital language, ready for surprising applications in your projects.

Barnum Family

Barnum Regular

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Barnum in Italian typographical history

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