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A Classic Nebiolo from the late 19th century

Gothic is a font coming from the historical collection of the Nebiolo Foundry in Turin and can be dated around the end of the 19th century. This type of font of Nordic origin finds its origins in France and was then adopted as a national font in Germany. It was imported into Italy initially thanks to the circulation of manuscript codes of the time and subsequently thanks to the texts created by German printers. 


This type of font is suitable for particular publications of ancient and authoritative taste such as business cards, invitations and commercial cards, diplomas, etc. 

It has a strong decorative character and is immediately distinguishable thanks to its strong and authoritative shapes at the same time.


In this digitization you will find both Gothic and the ornate letters inspired by 1400 manuscripts which are also part of the historic Nebiolo proposal.

Gotico family 

Gotico Regular

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Gotico in use  

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