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Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1967

"It is the modern, graphic prestige version of the old wooden 'stick' typefaces used for posters in the last century. In the compact 'black' round series, this typeface finds wide applications for headlines, slogans, short announcements and takes on greater peremptoriness if white fields are left around it." Metropol has the voice of skyscrapers, of traffic, of the city that never sleeps. A true dive into modernity, with an unfailing reference to the origins that is the unmistakable mark of Novarese's modus operandi - in his presentation, in fact, he defines it as a 'textura of our time', a revisitation in a contemporary key of the main family of characters of Gothic writing. Taken from Eurostile, it is the declared result of the designer's collaboration with a team of graphic designers who have been supervising the StudioNebiolo's Artistic Studio with the aim of relaunching the corporate image. Advertisements and headlines in newspapers and magazines are fascinated by this t ypeface, which, from the height of its form, was created specifically to be heard.

Metropol family

Metropol Regular

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Metropol in the history of Italian Typography 

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