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r41 stop - square_edited.jpg

Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1970

Aldo Novarese presented his font in our R41 transfer type catalog as follows: "It is the most discussed and imitated font in the international graphic field. It has opened new paths in the simplification of the future alphabetic sign. Some letters, despite being halved, are very legible in the graphic context, it is was created for composing not just imaginative phrases but also: trademarks, acronyms, signs, insignia, titles, etc."

In this new version we asked Dan Rhatigan, founder of the American digital foundry Bijou Type, to help us give our R41 Stop an ultra-modern look, while maintaining the original design of this great and iconic classic by Aldo Novarese: "To create a new digital version of Stop for R41, it was important to draw inspiration as much as possible from the actual transfer sheets; this new version of Stop is based on the films prepared for the R41 version, but then equipped with many more characters than a transfer sheet could contain, including a wide variety of accented characters, symbols and letters for the Cyrillic alphabets and Greek. R41 Stop is also packed with OpenType-enabled alternatives for many of its letters, based on adaptations made over the years by designers and sign makers around the world.”


With extended alphabets and similar variations, this new version of Stop walks through the possibilities of how it could have been used as a dry transfer type. Whenever possible, new letters were assembled from Novarese's original shapes: mixed, matched, cut, and diced as a careful hand might have done with nothing more than dry-transfer-type sheets, a burnisher, and a scalpel. The new shapes are as minimal as the originals, offering a new range of possibilities that still maintain Novarese's vision of impactful simplicity.

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