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Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1987

"It belongs to the neoclassical, Bodonian style, a contemporary expression of a classical form. Suitable for applications where new sensations are required in reading through stable and decorative forms”. A Bodonian in interstellar space: Orbital, born in 1987, is an unprecedented character. Close to the Helvetica family but softer, it presents the hallmarks of careful craftsmanship in its design and stencil details. Precisely because of this distinctly modern attitude with a classic hint, we could say that of the entire collection it is the one that most reveals Novarese's spirit and hand. The particularly high body height gives it a good clarity of reading. Particular and intelligent, it lends itself to all-round use, from headline to body copy. Reber offers it in regular, bold, italic and bold italic. Because inspiration is never subject to gravity.

Orbital family

Orbital Regular

Orbital Italic

Orbital Bold

Orbital Bold Italic

Orbital Family Boundle

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Orbital in use

The stars as paths
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