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Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1966

A modern Roman-transitional font from Nebiolo: this is how this font was defined when it debuted, stylistically close to the Romans, but with a series of expedients that make it perfect for contemporary use. Thanks to painstaking work on chiaroscuro, graces and the relationship between letters, Novarese succeeded in combining aesthetic expression with functionality, creating a classic but highly readable font that is versatile and suitable for all types of printing. Released by Nebiolo in 1966, this small masterpiece of synthesis immediately found wide use in communication and advertising, proving to be a comprehensive response to the ever more pressing need to combine form and function in graphics and design.

Magister family 

Magister Regular

Magister Italic

Magister Bold

Magister Bold Italic

Magister Extended

Magister Family Bundle

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Magister in the history of Italian typography

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