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Designed by
Aldo Novarese in 1969

It is part of the family of so-called "written" characters, i.e. not obtained from a geometric framework but with means - brushes - that allow greater imagination and freedom. It is an italics that can be combined with all characters that are not written or Gothic. Created by Aldo Novarese in 1969 for Fonderia Nebiolo in Turin, it is an elegant font that is read with pleasure and used with ease. As far as the letters are detached, the optical sensation of calligraphic continuity remains intact. Excessive contrast between threads and rods has been avoided to ensure long runs. The design is deliberately simple, so as not to condition the character to ephemeral fashions. Born to last over time, Elite is ideal for all those jobs in which too classic and severe characters can be replaced by lively but also sober writing (business cards, writing paper, various announcements, invitations, greetings, invitations , covers, title pages, etc.)

Elite family 

Elite Thin

Elite Light

Elite Medium

Elite Bold

Elite Family

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Elite in the Italian Typographic history

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