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Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1977

"Linear example of a black type. It is suitable for close-up markings where reading efficiency and elegance in contrast are required”. Designed by Novarese for Reber R41, Divulga does not go unnoticed: very narrow eyes, very thin temples accompanied by exceptionally black temples give this typeface a unique personality. It finds a slight resemblance, though certainly not a derivation, in the fonts of the Bauhaus school, with which it shares a sense of cleanliness, clarity and geometry. It has very high visibility, making it ideal for headlines and slogans and other very specific uses. If you want to raise the tone of your voice, safe in the knowledge that you never lose elegance and originality.

Divulga family

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Divulga in use

Font Divulga by Aldo Novarese
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