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Reber R41, Italian master of iconic fonts & graphics since 1960

A picture showing the interior of R41 Industry
R41 interiors in the 1970's

Ours is an Italian company founded in Spresiano (TV) in 1960 by Renato Bernardi, a brilliant entrepreneur of Veronese origins, who contributed, with the invention of his own technology, to the improvement of the "dry" transferable system.

We represent one of the three major international transferable companies and the first totally Italian company recognized worldwide in the sector still active on the market.

Our R41 brand has always been present on the tables of millions of designers and creatives, who appreciate the 9x25 format, the low cost, the offer of exclusive designs and alphabets with timeless graphic value.

Some dry transfer of the line thought for the schools
The R41 dry transfer line for School Students

In selecting the offer contained in our transferable catalogues, we have always privileged the quality of the design (in spite of the quantity resulting from the current market) and the product of Italian ingenuity.

In this regard, the collaboration with the Nebiolo Company of Turin has had particular importance in our corporate growth, since 1880 a leader in the design and production of typographical characters for printing in Italy and characterized by its own Artistic Studio directed since 1952 by Aldo Novarese, recognized among the best Italian type designers in the world.

A Nebiolo Foundry Advertising on its collaboration with R41
A Nebiolo Foundry Advertising on its collaboration with R41

The friendship and esteem between our creative realities has translated into a privileged relationship over time: since 1969, the R41 fonts and graphics catalog has been enriched more and more with products signed by Nebiolo - Recta, Estro, Elite, Bodoni, Egizio, Eurostile , Stop, to name a few - and then come to secure the most experimental creations of the early 70s - Metropol, Forma, Dattilo - designed precisely for the growing advertising reality and therefore perfect for mass distribution in transferable form.

Alphabets born for lead, for "professional" users, which thanks to the transferable have since then been available to all and known by all: each family of fonts in our catalog is described in its characteristics to facilitate an informed choice; for the combinations we have instead introduced the classification of Aldo Novarese bringing it to the attention of everyone, not just the "insiders".

The first page of Aldo Novarese's book with a dedication to Renato Bernardi founder of R41 and great friend of Aldo
The first page of Aldo Novarese's book with a dedication to Renato Bernardi founder of R41 and great friend of Aldo

Aldo Novarese, who retired in the early '70s, stays by our side for the entire duration of his life - designing brands, catalogues, advertising and of course…typefaces for us. The alphabets Stadio, Center, Divulga and Equator date from this period.

The quality and excellence of our graphic offer, combined with our transferable technical system, the invention of a completely different format from the competition, and a patented display system, has enabled us to grow rapidly on the Italian and international market.

An hand painted artwork from Aldo Novarese for R41
An hand painted artwork from Aldo Novarese for R41

Already at the end of the 70s our company had dozens of successful brands and products linked to transferable materials (T3, Coloreber, Adexplan etc), a development of complementary products including geodesy - made by the spin off Ober S.p.a - and today more than 25,000 ,000 sheets sold worldwide.

Some R41 dry transfer's Exhibitors
Some R41 dry transfer's Exhibitors

In the 90s, despite the transferable market changing rapidly and the computer continuing the definitive democratization of graphics, we continued to invest in our graphic design making use of the constant collaboration of important international type designers including James Clough and of course Aldo Novarese who in these years he still designed a dozen alphabets for us, many of which are still unpublished today.

Parallel to this graphic investment we have relaunched the Very brand, aimed at the DIY world - already conceived in the early 70s as a line for transfers intended for advertising - and a new transferable stencil system - applicable on any surface including glass and fabric - dedicated to the world of decoration and model making.

Today we have been a three-generation company belonging to the same family, leader in the transferable sector and undisputed container of graphic and technical excellence.

Thanks to the contribution of the Veneto Region, recognized to companies in technological expansion, we have begun the digital conversion of our exclusive collection of characters based exclusively on their original design, a guarantee of absolute historical authenticity of this transformation.

Furthermore, since 2020 we have been expanding our graphic offer thanks to the new line of R41 Brushes, tools for digital drawing in the Adobe and Procreate platforms and our merchandising offer, always in the name of the highest Italian and international quality.

Over the course of more than 60 years of activity, great artists, great entrepreneurs and hard workers have believed in the R41 project, entrusting their creative talent, resources and work to it so that an entire heritage of graphics would not be lost.

Thanks to all this, today we have one of the most exclusive, loved and prestigious graphic and font collections in the world: millions of creatives have chosen and continue to choose R41 products in search of the exclusive graphic excellence that they have always represented.

It is with great emotion and pride that, through digitization, we want to ensure this original Italian heritage, which has reached today, in the hands of tomorrow's creatives: the preservation and enhancement of our graphic heritage is today one of our main corporate objectives.

One recent R41 Advertisement
One recent R41 Advertisement


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